• Termite Inspection

    Every residential property should carry out a complete termite inspection every 12 months to detect early termite infestation and defend against structural damage to your property.

    Our fully licensed, insured and highly experienced termite control specialists provide termite inspections to (AS 4349.3 or AS 3660.2) standards to ensure your property is protected.

  • What’s Included:
    • Our termite control specialists will thoroughly inspect your property for all signs of termites and termite damage. Using our local experience we are on the pulse of local termite behavior and can give you direct insights into issues in your neighborhood.
    • After your termite inspection is complete you will receive a full written report with details of any termite activity in your property. You also be provided with a termite management plan that outlines exactly how to protect your home from future infestation, taking into consideration your type of dwelling, the timber used and the potential threats in your local area.
  • Termite Treatment

    If you’re property is found to contain or be at risk of termite infestation we offer a number of treatment depending on your specific needs.

" Left untreated, a termite colony can reduce your property value by up to 25%. "

Initial Treatment

We specialize on the application of the Termidor Solution, which is trusted as Australia’s leading termite eradication solution.

  • Termidor eliminates termites fast
  • Is 100% safe for use in all domestic and commercial situations
  • Provides long term protection
  • Has no negative effect on soil, microorganisms or worms
Termite Treatment | Termite Protection

Preventative Treatment

For homes that are not currently infested or to protect your home after an initial treatment, we also provide a Chemical Barrier System that will protect your home from termites with 12 Months Warranty.

Pest Inspection/Pre-purchase

Termites are not the only thing you need to look out for before buying or moving into a property. We also provide complete building and pest inspections from a fully qualified, licensed and insured builder and fumigation specialist. For more information about out Building Inspections...